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Read what some of my clients have to say about me...

  "Because of Mark Johnson's patience and willingness to answer questions along the way, I received an education as well as a great CD from Bluejay Productions. I hadn't been in a studio in 25 years, and needless to say a lot had changed over the decades. Thanks to Mark, the making of "Folk University" was productive, entertaining and educational".
--Kevin Widdison, folk musician

  "As President of the Rogue Valley Peace Choir, I have had the honor of  experiencing Mark's dedication to all that is involved in the recording and mixing of a top quality audio CD.  Mark has recorded, mixed and created our Spring Concert CD's for the last two years, which is our largest concert of the year.  We are a group of 130+ varied voices, which presents many challenges to the recording process.  With Mark's professionalism, knowledge  and detailed planning, he easily rises to those challenges to create a beautiful sound for all to hear.  Many have purchased our Spring concert CD's, and I attribute this success to Mark's exceptional talent and expertise".                                                                                                - Gail Burke, President, Rogue Valley Peace Choir, 2006 - 2007

"We were extremely fortunate to obtain the services of Mark Johnson at Bluejay Productions, who orchestrated the recordings of all the Rogue Valley Symphony concerts at Grants Pass High School Center for the Performing Arts.  Mark put his best foot forward and helped to create a product that is worthy of its title: "The Best of the Best".                                                                                                       - Arline Borella, President, Rogue Valley Symphony Board, 2006 - 2007

"Skrilltone Records is pleased to work with Mark and Bluejay Productions.  The experience is always professional, enlightening, and enjoyable for all our artists, and we look forward to our continued work together."                                                                                                  - Tone Triumph, Atonement Media Group

"Recording at Bluejay Productions gives me a sense of stability and comfort I can always depend on.  Mark's politeness gives me hope, and the security of always having a studio home to come to."                         - Stephany King, Singer/Hip-Hop artist

"Mark at Bluejay Productions has always done a great job with the projects I have brought to him.   Whether it be record engineering, mixing or mastering, he has the skills and experience to get great results.  I would highly recommend his work."                                                                                                       -Bill Newman, Guitarist for PsuedoHead, BMW Trio, Ghost Car, Y3K

"I needed to make recordings of self-help programs I had created.  I called Bluejay Productions and immediately knew I had called the right studio.  Mark was very friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic about my project.  I found the atmosphere at Bluejay Productions to be very comfortable and relaxing.  Mark works fast, yet is very particular about quality, and has produced professional voice and music recordings of all my projects".                                                                                                   - Suzanne Joyce, Author of Beyond Limitations

"Working with Mark Johnson and Bluejay Productions was an eye-opening experience for our band.   Though each of us had dealt before with recording studios and engineers, Bluejay Production was a revelation because Mark proved to be more competent and professional than any previous people we had worked with.

  Our records sound great. And they're pretty diverse as well. Upright bass, Hammond organ, china cymbal... all different and all recorded and mixed to sound as good as possible, and done fast, with none of the superflousness associated with the music industry. And for the struggling, unsigned band, Bluejay's price was right."                                                                                                        - Ilya Stemkovsky, Drummer for the OM Trio


       Refurbished Trident 65 console, Mark, Mike Sabatini, Aaron Korpa


                           Mark with guitarist Bill Frisell          


                          Guitarist and Producer Pete Anderson and Mark                             (Photo: Pam Perry)






Welcome to Bluejay Productions, a friendly, small-town

recording studio and audio services company


The latest news from Bluejay Productions

  • Bluejay has moved to Jacksonville, Oregon.  Come see our new digs in the forest overlooking the Rogue Valley and Cascade mountains.
  • Mark has been designing live sound at the Camelot Theatre, which includes setting mics for actors and orchestra, mixing monitors, and mixing the house. The shows range from live singer and band "Spotlights" of famous artists from the past, to classic musicals like "42nd Street". Mark designed and installed the sound system in the new theater and has been enjoying the sonic quality of the Yamaha LS9 mixer and the L'Acoustic XT15 speakers and SB15P subwoofers. Mixing monitors from the iPad with the StudioMix App has been so convenient and he is loving this technology! 
  • Major Jones is nearly done with their album. We are taking our time with this one to be sure it is the best it can be. Now to figure out how loud it should play?! The "Volume Wars" have begun.
  • The Hearts & Vines benefit concert at the Garon Wells Amphitheater featuring Craig Chaquico, formally of Jefferson Starship, was a huge success and all involved had a great time! Craig started the show with a solo set, followed by an All-Star band that included Craig Chaquico, Garon Lee Wells, Rob Gunderson, and Randy Jordan on guitars, Teri Cote on drums and vocals, Alan Barber on percussion, Dave Clayton on bass, Mark Thomas on keys and vocals, and Marcella Rose on vocals. Songs included Starship hits "Jane" and "Find Your Way Back", Voodoo Child, Crossroads, Gold Dust Woman, and a rousing version of "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" sung by Garon! Bill Cruze masterfully mixed the show on a  L'Acoustics/Yamaha PA. Next year's benefit promises to be even bigger and better, now that we have a stellar band to back up Craig!

Craig Chaquico at the Hearts & Vines benefit 2012

Garon, Craig and the band

  Thanks to Bill Cruze and Rich Minton for a great stage and sound!

Photos: David Gibb - www.dgibbphoto.com


Thank you for visiting Bluejay Productions!

What are "audio services", you might ask? Well, our services include sound recording of live bands, ensembles, choirs, symphony, studio recording of music and spoken word, voice-overs for film and television, sound design for theater and film, sound reinforcement and live mixing, digital audio editing, restoration, and mastering, and sound consultation for your home studio or music venue. The Bluejay Project Studio in Jacksonville, Oregon is a casual audio recording and production facility where artists can independently produce their own music. The Gold Beach Studio offers many amenities in a beautiful, coastal environment.  Bluejay offers live, on location recording for any event.  Corporate audio services include production of audio masters  for internet audio, CD, DVD and tape, live recording and sound reinforcement for conferences and seminars, sound design for theater, film, instructional video and electronic games, digital audio editing, audio mastering, and restoration/remastering of recordings on cassette, 1/4" reel, or vinyl LP.

Bluejay Productions was founded by Mark T. Johnson in Medford, Oregon in 1999, and continues to grow and expand its services to an increasing number of clients.  With more than 15 years of audio engineering experience and a lifetime of musical training, Mark is a versatile audio engineer with great ears.  He attended California State University, Chico, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and Recording Arts while refining his skills in analog and digital recording studios under the tutelage of platinum engineer Keith Seppanen and Dr. Raymond Barker.  Mark has been a gigging musician most of his life and worked as a live sound and studio recording engineer in northern California before relocating to Medford.

"I believe audio engineering, both in live and studio situations, requires strong technical and people skills.  Helping artists to feel comfortable and at ease, while delivering great sound, is my goal".

"There is a lot of debate about the merits of digital vs. analog audio production", says Mark. "I found the transition from analog to digital audio to be smooth, and feel there is a place for both.  While I work primarily in the digital realm, I do infuse analog techniques and character into my production".





"Peace is not something to be left to others in distant places.  It is something we create day to day in our efforts to cultivate care and consideration for others, forging bonds of friendship and trust in our respective communities through our own actions and examples.

" As we enhance our respect for the sanctity of life and human dignity through our daily behavior and steady efforts toward dialogue, the foundations for a culture of peace will deepen and strengthen, allowing a new global civilization to blossom.  When each person is aware and committed, we can prevent society from relapsing in to a culture of war and foster and nurture energy toward the creation of a century of peace".  - Daisaku Ikeda, For the Sake of Peace






Jacksonville, Oregon, U.S.A.                 (541) 779-3023       

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         Guitarist Jeff Pevar, Inger Jorgensen, and Mark at The Mobius, Ashland, Oregon

               David Bolen

        Mark playing his organ

                Mark with The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash outside Johnny B's  (L-R Tim, Jack, Jay, Mark, local guitar hero Marty Piter, and Mark Stuart)     (Photo: Pam Perry)

     Miss you, Blue. He was a good dog!.        3/1/94 - 3/16/06